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Bridging the Divide for Real Solutions  

Hyper partisanship hinders our ability to solve real problems. Growing up in a bipartisan household, I learned firsthand the power of collaboration. As your representative, my primary goal is to bridge divides and foster cooperation across the aisle.


By finding common ground and working together, we can achieve practical solutions and make meaningful progress for our communities. I will bring this spirit of cooperation to Olympia, ensuring Washington is a place where families can live and thrive. I will be your voice in Olympia, evaluating legislation through a non-partisan lens to benefit all of Southwest Washington. Slowing progress through partisanship is no longer tolerable—I will work across the aisle to get results!

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As an intensive care nurse, I am not afraid of hard work or tough challenges. Fentanyl use and mental health crises are on the rise.


In Olympia, I will champion first responders so they can make our neighborhoods safer, and support policies that address the affordability crisis that is hitting families so hard.


Access to health care and reproductive care will always be among my top priorities.

Following recent redistricting, the 17th Legislative District is a new district and we need new Representation!

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